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A bit of background...

Since childhood I have always enjoyed being at the British coast, with its unique, familiar and sometimes quirky sights, sounds and smells. As a result the main subjects for my paintings tend to be the sea, the seaside and other scenes with a nautical element.

In a lot of my artworks I try and capture the nostalgia and charm of traditional family seaside holidays. I also like to go beyond simply creating a pretty picture, and will often introduce an element or a narrative that adds a little intrigue, or something unusual to the work. 

I generally prefer to use acrylics on stretched canvas, and often adopt a dry brush technique to add a more 'sketchy' quality to certain areas or features (for example, clouds or spray).  I also like working in charcoal and pencils.

By way of background, Ithe bulk of my career has been as a Graphic Designer, working with many big brands in agencies and in-house studios for the best part of 40 years. For the last eight years I have been self-employed, and this has created the opportunity to explore other creative opportunities - one of which is spending more of my time sketching and painting; something I've always enjoyed since I was a boy.

I live in Lincolnshire, UK with my wife Rachel, am Dad to 5 sons and the cutest dog in the world, Molly. Away form the easel I love paddleboarding, Formula One and playing bass guitar in a number of local bands.

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