A bit of background...

As you'll have seen, I love to paint the sea and other nautical subjects, and am currently working on a series of canvasses and prints called 'Fred and Joan'. These paintings tell the story of an elderly couple's retirement to the coast, and how they spend their days reminiscing and enjoying the seaside. There are about 7 'Fred and Joans' so far with more to come!

With most of my artworks I like to try and go beyond just a pretty picture, and to introduce a narrative or story that adds a little intrigue or something unusual. This might be a man-made element, or sometimes people, just to take the painting beyond what a camera might capture and to add something extra. I generally use acrylics on stretched canvas, and often adopt a dry brush technique in the closing stages of a piece to add a more 'sketchy' quality to certain areas or features (for example, clouds or spray).

By way of background, I am a Graphic Designer who has worked with many big brands in agencies and in-house studios for the best part of 40 years. For the last six years I have been a freelance designer and artist, creating the opportunity to spend more of my time sketching and painting - something I've always enjoyed since I was a boy.

I live in central England with my wife Rachel, our two teenage boys and our dog Molly. I am constantly adding new works to this gallery and a number of other online outlets, but of course I am happy to discuss commissions or bespoke pieces - please see the contact page for more information. If you wish to view a work before purchasing this can also be arranged. Thank you for visiting!