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 Seascapes, Marine and Seaside Art



Welcome to Tony Munns Art, where you can view a collection of seascapes and nautical art, plus a short 'Virtual Viewing' for each work. Signed, limited edition prints are available for most artworks too.


I hope you enjoy this collection of paintings that reflect my lifelong passion for the sea, and in particular the British seaside with its once-grand seaside towns. I love to capture the quirky and the unusual features and the nostalgia, but also the ever-changing, sometimes melancholy atmosphere and the unpredictable weather.

If you cannot find exactly the type or size of artwork you're looking for, please contact me to discuss a bespoke print size that will work best for you, mounting and framing of your artwork, or maybe an original commission. Please note that most images on this site are in low resolution to prevent unauthorised reproduction, and that any prints and canvasses supplied will be crystal clear!

Recent Paintings

The Safe Return by Tony Munns

Limited Edition Prints

Most of the paintings you can find in the gallery pages are also available as limited edition prints. Each is carefully reproduced using Giclee printing on super-heavyweight cartridge paper, and is numbered, signed and sent with a cerificate of authenticity.

Home After the Catch

Art Commissions

Commissioning an original painting is a straighforward process that starts with a conversation about the subject, size and hanging environment. It's a great way to own or give something absolutely unique! Prices start at £350 including UK delivery

Out to Sea by Tony Munns

Viewings in person

if you would like to see a particular work in real life before you buy, you can arrange a viewing at my studio in Lincolnshire, UK. Alternatively, you may wish to see close up details as high resolution images that can be sent by email. Please contact me by email initially below.


In Summer 2019 I was selected as a 'pod' artist for Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2019. This was a great honour and a real challenge. 4 hours, lots of head scratching and numerous cloudbursts later this was the result....


What inspires me

“Painting, for me, is an escape to the places and environments that I love to be in. From seaside piers at dusk, rainy promenades to sunny, sandy beaches I hope that my paintings are as familiar and uplifting for people to look at as they are for me to create. I take my initial inspiration from photographs or sketches then turn them into something unique on canvas, with a sense of place and belonging for anyone who loves being by the water as much as I do.


On a wet winter’s afternoon in my small landlocked studio, huddled by the heater and with a flask of hot coffee, I can be anywhere I want to be. That’s the joy of painting for me and I’m sure for thousands of other artists - the ability to switch off from the daily grind and focus on creating something that’s meaningful and hopefully enjoyed and appreciated by others.


After many years of working agency and clientside as a designer, studio manager then creative director, I have witnessed the rise of the computer and all things digital at the expense of the pure art skills of drawing, rendering and visualising. Spending so much time at a screen designing has made me keen to break away as often as possible to put brush to canvas, explore new subjects and ‘find a new voice’ through painting.”

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